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At Oregon Web Solutions – Portland SEO, our mission is to get your website ranked #1 on Google. We are search engine optimization Experts who use keyword research, optimization, social media, anchor text, backlinks, and search engine optimization techniques to help your website rank better organically in Google and other big search engines. Studies show that up to 94% of website traffic goes to organic search listings and not paid advertisements. This means companies can get the best bang for their advertising dollar by focusing on improving their organic search rankings. Studies also show that over 40% of the traffic goes to the #1 listing. If your on page 2 of Google your basically missing out on thousands of free customers to your website everyday. An experienced Portland SEO Company like Oregon Web Solutions can help your optimize your webpage and dominate your competition. http://www.oregonwebsolutions.com/portland-seo-company/ The world of search engine marketing is so complex that the average small business just can’t compete with a competent SEO firm like ours. We have over 15 years experience building and ranking websites. Our networks of webpages have the #1 Google listing for hundreds of different search terms. Do you have an Ebay or Amazon product? Let us help you shoot to the top of the front page using different SEO techniques. The world of search engine optimization can be complicated, let us help! If you interested in a FREE 9 website SEO analysis then fill out the discovery form so we can learn more about your company.

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