Singapore Airlines SQ 305 London to Singapore Economy Class Darth Vader Cameo

[A re-make of an earlier video which I had accidentally deleted. Once deleted, it is lost forever on Youtube, so beware.]

I fly back to Singapore from London on SQ305. Before the flight, I had a Pucci burger and beer at the Strada Italian Restaurant at Heathrow Terminal 3.

The burger took a while to come, about 20 minutes. But when it came, it was freshly prepared and was delicious. The meal cost GBP 16 [about 25 USD] before tips.

0:12 – Peroni Beer
0:43 – The burger I had, looking good! The wait was worth it.
1:00 – Some plane watching
1:25 – Announcement from flight deck
1:50 – Menu
2:50 – Singapore Sling
3:09 – Darth Vader appears!
3:17 – More Star Wars chaps appear
3:35 – Main meal – Prawns and Fried Rice
5:07 – Flight path, looked like we were headed to Moscow. Thankfully not over Ukraine
6:34 – Darth Vader came back after his tour of the cabin
6:45 – Darth Vader doing a force spin – on Jadore perfume!
7:05 – Breakfast time – Chicken noodles, literally.

The plane used was a B 777-300ER. The flight back was good. Smooth. I had a long sleep, even though it was a day flight.

Going by this experience, I think it is better for me to eat before the flight and then I can get more sleep while onboard.

The flight did not go into Ukraine airspace, as you will see in the video. It looked like we were headed to Moscow.

The flight was very smooth and I bought something from Krisshop for my wife.

More pictures on the blog, including some pictures of Strada’s menu.

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